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#ChrisHeroNXT Reportedly ‘Heading Back’ To #WWENXTChrisHero #Nxt

Chris Hero — Reportedly ‘Heading Back’ To WWE … As Current Plans Call For Return To NXT! there has been much news surrounding wwe women's wrestler Naomi After Naomi was left out of a Total Divas award nomination photo ...

Chris Hero is reportedly “heading back” to WWE — and sources say the man formerly known as Kassius Ohno to re-join the NXT brand. News about Hero’s WWE return has been making its rounds the last few weeks … & the fact is indeed the ball has been rolling on this decision for a few weeks now. & furthermore it looks that he’ll go back to using the KO name, A continuation of his former character. Also! there has been much news surrounding wwe women's wrestler Naomi After Naomi was left out of a Total Divas award nomination photo featured on SmackDown Which turned out not to be a shot at the reality star … But just a mistake... the answer as to why she wasn’t on the photo, is simple, the appropriate department messed up, as they create over 100 graphics a week, On top of hours of live TV they’re shooting weekly, which is usually problem free. Naomi unleashed on social media last night after the full Season 6 cast was featured But she was switched with Alicia Fox. Many fans of naomi are enraged and speaking out on social media in support of the uber talented wwe women's wrestler


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